Why Japan Still Apologizes For WW2 ?

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The Japanese government has agreed to pay 1 billion yen equal to about 8.3 million u.s. dollars into a funds to
support former South Korean comfort women these women were taken from their homes and used as sex slaves by the Japanese military during World War two this seems like a huge step to mend mard relations between the two Asian Nations but not everyone is supportive of the deal tell Hawaii Devon you don’t it’ll see dolphine someday and taking the hit little she’s darling boy days off you still want a telephone an orchard it’ll give some longtime video not put down the connection the reason many are upset and that includes surviving victims is that they feel the deal was little more than diplomatic cover for Japan. Japan also wants South Korea to take down a statue memorializing comfort women that was erected outside of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul many see this as another way that Japan is trying to bury its past and if it sounds like Japan is strategic with the way they conduct their public apologies it’s because they’ve had a lot of experience doing it this includes apologies to Australian prisoners of war American prisoners of war Canadian prisoners of war the people of Burma the Philippines Indonesia China and blanket apologies to all people who were affected by their brutality during World War two but for many this is still not enough partly because their track record of denial is just as long as their track record of apology they have
on occasion denied certain massacres calling them fabrications and as recently as 2014 they’ve denied that
comfort women were forcibly abducted by members of the Japanese military but Japan will have more chances to apologize and next up might be Taiwan on the heels of Japan’s apology to South Korea’s comfort women Taiwan is demanding an apology to the women who are abducted from their country during World War two it’s been more than 70 years since Japan surrendered to end world war two but they might not ever be able to put their war crimes fully behind them and many people think they never should

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