North Korea Considers to Attack Guam on 14th August

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North Korea has just indicated that they are seiously considring a strike on Guam which is a US Pacific Territory and this is in response to Donald Trumps’s statement indicating that he would use Nuclear Power against North Korea

Okay, here is my my take on the situation with my knowledge.
Presidnt Trump said it will be “Fire & Fury, The likes of which the world has never seen” In the statement he clearly states that he wouldn’t hesitate to use Nuclear on North Korea but even if he didn’t intend that because thats clearly what it sounds like to anyone listening and apparently thats what it sounded like to the NOrth Koreas.

Now you have to remember something America has a manchild in Office who doesnt know what he is doing and so does North Korea. Kim Jung Un is the definition of manchild. He grew up where everoby told him that him, his father and his grandfathers were Gods and didn’t have anuses. Trust me when I say this, it is a literal propaganda tool from north Korea that their leaders dont have anuses. So, Kim Jung Un thinkks he is the almighty he thinks ” Oh Yeah! Fire & Fury ? I’ll hit Guam and there won’t be any consequences. Remember he is only thirty three (33) years old and he grew up incredibly spoiled.

So we have got two maniacs in a pissing contest here.So now Kim Jung Un mathches with Trump and consiers to hit Guam. To be honest this guy is moron of morons ! What do you think will happen if you strike Guam ? that’s a US territory and attacks against United state of America and in return if you think presidnt won’t launch missile against North Korea then a moment of silence for you. Of course Prez Trump will counter attack and we are all screwed.Trust me If they strike Guam we are literally screwed. Okay, For a second lets assume Trump and Kim Jung Un doesn’t care about civilianslife.But US will strike and their allies South Korea and Japan will have to intervene and what do you think will happen to Global Economic if Seoul is in Flames also Tokyo also who knows who’s backing North Korea and the major economic countries will be on the verge of war which then there will be a Giant Global Economic Collapse.

I want to conclud that this is a stupidity with no bounds where two guys who are both falsely confidnt and filled with hubrous, spoiled children that dont know what they are doing ! This is actually an international emergency. We’ve gotta get this both spoiled brats out of the ring and let responsible and unspoiled person take it’s place. That’s all.

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